Personalized Wellbeing Consultations

Health exists when the individual’s own unique ratio of the three Doshas is balanced to their Prakriti (nature). Factors in our environments like weather, seasons, stress, hereditary dispositions lifestyle choices and diet, the most dominant Dosha tends to become imbalanced. These imbalances create a secondary, “current” state, known as Vikriti, which results from inadequately supporting our natural constitution (Prakriti) . This leads to physical imbalances  such as constipation, generally body ache, fatigue, heaviness disturbed or lack of sleep and behavioural imbalance such as agitation, feeling confused , depression, anxiety and stress.

Fantastic news is that in Ayurveda, by getting to know the Doshas and their qualities, we can use our symptoms to identify which Dosha is imbalanced. These ailments can remedied by getting the digestive and evacuative processes of the body into balance through conscious lifestyle changes, mindful eating, tailored nutrition, personalised  yoga, ayurvedic massage, meditation, massage and herbal therapies. 

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant

A full Ayurvedic consultation involves a 75-minute assessment addressing health history, ailments, diet, current lifestyle and daily routines. An enrichment program with a targeted end date and stage-by-stage objectives is then designed including a meal plan, yoga & meditation schedule as well as recommended herbal aides and massage therapies.

Yoga, Ayurvedic Massage and Meditation

We tailor a private yoga, ayurvedic massage or meditation class to create physical, mental and emotional space to experience more ease, clarity, calm end energy in all areas of life.

Soul Purpose Coaching

Understanding your biological constitution gives you better knowledge and foundation upon which you can build a more intelligent, more fullness, more freedom, and more of your own hidden potential than you ever thought possible.

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